Sometimes dreams do become realities!

The idea of Butter & Lace came about many, many years ago as a coffee shop, it was transformed into cake shop, after I received my Associates of Science in Baking and Pastry, it became a chocolate shop, and years more down the road, it has become the hot spot for fresh bakes on the coast!

The hard work of every member in this team is what you see in the store front when you walk in. Tears, bread fails, chocolate disasters and perfect little pastries that excite your inner child!

As we continue to grow, the shop will become home, it will always smell like sugar and risen yeast, there will be much more variety, and you will never leave without a smile!


My favorite thing to do in this whole world is get lost alone in the woods. I backpack, I suck at snowshoeing, I kayak, I run too far and get too tired, but I never give up. It may be a downfall of mine, but my perseverance does not allow failure to be an option.

I have an AS in Baking and Pastry, a BS in Food and Beverage Hospitality Management and my MBA. That means nothing. Practical application of your knowledge is all that really matters in the end. When I started working on this company I was completely overwhelmed with the prospect. I did research, I overworked dough, I picked ugly colors. Haley said to me, "Pick something that resonates with you, make the decision and move on!" I have been doing that and so far, so good!

Come down to the shop and let me know what you think!


Publicity SuperWoman

Haley is not only an amazing publicist, but she is my dear sister. If you are getting messages from Facebook about specials, or a private messages asking you to wait so she can talk to the bakers.. it is Haley. She is the wizard to our OZ! The lady behind the curtain! I love you so much!


I'm Kayley, I was born and raised in Alaska and I started baking when I was 17. I also love to paint and someday hope to be a successful artist!

Star Baker

Kayley came into the shop and asked for a job. I liked her energy immediately and decided to ask her to bring her resume down. She did. I wasn't ready yet. She was persistent!! Kayley has impressed us since she began. Completely enamored by creating the best pastries she is physically able to, she never disappoints. Butter & Lace would be amiss with out her delicate touch!